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Deal with Your Damaged Driveline in Winnipeg

As with any other well-used machinery, your vehicle’s driveline can run into wear and tear, which can affect the CV boot, CV joint and shaft, drive shafts, u-joints, and transfer case. Without a specialist like one of ours at GW Transmission & Automotive Service to assess your vehicle’s driveline in Winnipeg, your driveline’s wear and tear can lead to the following damage:

Tears and cracks in the CV boot

Damage of the CV joint and shaft

Separated drive shaft

Broken transfer case

Avoid all this damage when you visit us at GW Transmission & Automotive Service. Our shop’s specialists are trained experts who can diagnose, service, and repair your vehicle’s driveline to keep your vehicle in top performing condition. Our specialists can offer the following driveline services:

CV shaft and boot replacement

Transfer case lubrication

Drive shaft and u-joint inspections

Transfer case inspection

And more

Call us to get vehicle’s driveline serviced or repaired today!


Looking for Bumper-to-Bumper Service?

At GW Transmission & Automotive Service, we can help you maintain your entire vehicle.

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