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Care for Your Vehicle with Scheduled Maintenance in Winnipeg

You should get your vehicle checked out regularly to avoid issues or catch them before they get worse. At GW Transmission & Automotive Service, we can provide your vehicle with a thorough scheduled maintenance in Winnipeg.

We will even make sure to keep your vehicle in warranty. Our specialists will perform all-factory maintenance for your vehicle that comes at a fraction of the cost of your vehicle’s dealer. During our maintenance, you can receive a printed schedule of your vehicle’s maintenance and records to help you keep in compliance with your vehicle’s factory warranty.

Is your vehicle already out of warranty? No problem! We will still provide you with a print-out of our recommended services.

Transmission Fluid Maintenance

If your vehicle is still in warranty and it needs maintenance, don’t overlook the maintenance of your transmission. Much like engine motor oil, transmission fluid does wear out. It typically tends to wear between 40,000 km and 60,000 km.

Not sure if your transmission fluid has taken your vehicle further than 60,000 km? Transmission fluid is critical to making your vehicle go, so make sure to have one of our specialists check its level and condition. You may discover you may even need to change your transmission filter.

To get your vehicle and transmission maintained, call us!


Looking for Bumper-to-Bumper Service?

At GW Transmission & Automotive Service, we can help you maintain your entire vehicle.

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