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Get Your Exhaust System Repaired or Customized for Better Performance

Even if you are the most careful driver out there, you may find that your vehicle’s exhaust system has been damaged. Some of the most common culprits for exhaust system failure are rust, road damage, and small holes. While those culprits may not seem so dangerous, you should not overlook the damage that comes from them or leave your exhaust system be. Depending on the damage, you could end up having your passenger compartment flooded with deadly fumes.

At GW Transmission & Automotive Service, we understand the complexity of your exhaust system. It consists of a series of pipes, catalytic converters, mufflers, a resonator, and various other emissions tools, and they all work together to remove toxic burned gasoline fumes from your vehicle. Without it, you’d be exposed to those hazardous fumes, and we want to help you avoid that.

As one of the top companies in Winnipeg for muffler repair and high-performance custom exhaust installation, we can offer you a wide variety of services to repair or install a high-performance exhaust system.

Call us today to learn more about our high-performance services.


Looking for Bumper-to-Bumper Service?

At GW Transmission & Automotive Service, we can help you maintain your entire vehicle.

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