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Repair Your Transmission in Winnipeg with Us

Your vehicle’s transmission is what keeps your vehicle running. Without maintenance, it can start to act up, slowing down your daily drive. You may notice that changing gears feels rough, your transmission is leaking, or your vehicle’s transmission warning light is on. To stop these issues from becoming bigger problems, you should find a specialist that can help you repair your transmission in Winnipeg.

As Winnipeg’s trusted transmission specialist, GW Transmission & Automotive Service wants to help people get their transmissions repaired the right way, the first time. To make sure that happens, we do all of our repairs and overhauls in-house.

If your transmission is in need of help that does not involve repairs or overhauls, we can provide you with the other following transmission services:

  • Transmission rebuilding
  • Driveline repairs
    • Front wheel
    • 4-wheel drive
    • All-wheel drive

Want to know more? To find out more about our transmission services, call us.


Looking for Bumper-to-Bumper Service?

At GW Transmission & Automotive Service, we can help you maintain your entire vehicle.

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